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rustyshackelford wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Done with this place!

The room itself is still very nice. No one plays there anymore so all the equipment is still in very good shape. It really is a shame that this room has no business. I like the M very much. I am in that casino probably 3 times a week.

Played the 10am tourney and it was an average tourney. Lots of locals.

Two situations happened during the tournament that I couldn't believe. First one was about a questionable raise. Blinds 50/100. Flop comes and player A leads out for 375. Player B calls. Player C raises to 1200. Player D shoves for 1800.
Player A calls. Player B asks if C can reraise. Dealer says yes. Discussion ensues and dealer says the all in was more than half so it opens up the raising. What????? This isn't limit holdem, it's no limit! It has to be a full raise. The raise to 1200 was an 825 raise. So player D's all in had to be greater than 2025. It wasn't. Player C should not be able to reraise. Bad thing was the dealer was a dual rate who happened to be dealing this day. If was the floor, he still would of made the same call. Also, there was no floor in the room at the time so no one could make the final call. We let it go and continued on.
The other thing that stood out was the way a dealer handled the shuffle machine. During a hand I noticed the red light blinking on the machine. It means either the cards are stuck or their are too many or not enough cards. Usually dealers open the machine and put the deck back in and the machines shuffles and problem solved. This dealer finished the hand we were on and instead of putting the faulty deck back in the machine and hand shuffling the deck we just used, he took the faulty deck deck out, put the good deck in the machine, cut the faulty deck and started dealing.

Came around often.

Obviously the room is not managed well. No floor was working the day I played so no one around to make final decisions. How this room is open amazes me. I can't believe they haven't filled it with slot machines yet.

On par with others in the area.

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