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mirage66 wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Great Poker Room in all Areas

The M Poker Room is beautiful and well designed and was build to suit poker. It is NOT simply some empty space where someone decided to put a poker room as an after thought. The tables are built for 10 players so they are not cramped like some other nearby poker rooms. The chairs are nice and soft, but could use swivels to move easier. Also, the tables are a little too close together. There is an excellent deli nearby and one can order off the deli menu from the cocktail waitress who will bring you your food. There are nice size tables to eat off of and place your drinks. There is an electronic board to show where you are on the waiting list. All personnel seem quite friendly and eager to help. In my opinion, this room has emerged as the CLASS of the South Vegas Poker Market [M, South Point, Green Valley, Silverton]. I am very impressed with the M Poker Room.

Since there are mostly local players, the competition is higher than on the strip where there are more more tourists.

I do not have nearly as much time in the M as some of the other Poker rooms yet, but so far the dealers seem quite competent to me. I have not seen what I would call a bad dealer.

Waitresses are for the most part excellent [especially Stephanie in the PM]. Service is quick and accurate. M has the best casino coffee I have ever tasted. It must be some very premium brand.

I have only talked with a couple of shift managers and have not met the room manager or higher. However, if one just looks at the results, the way the room is run, the ambience, the friendliness of the staff, the great promotions and comps, and the demeanor of the two shift managers I talked with, I would have to say management at the M is EXCELLENT.

The dealer checks you in and out, you get $1 [333 points] per hour on your slot card for $24 per day max. Right now in September all food at the M is half-price if you pay with your comps, so for people like me who use their comps for food, I am getting $2 per hour or $48 for 24 hours. GREAT DEAL! There are high hands for Quads and higher + on Tuesdays and Thursdays you get $1,000 for flopping quads. Another GREAT DEAL, certainly the best comps in the South Vegas Market.

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