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Reservoir Dog wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Best Off-Strip Room in Vegas

If you are going to have an extended (5+ hour) poker session, this room is hard to beat. Being a new casino - some thought was put into the room (atmosphere, location, bathrooms, drink and food, etc.) I am not a local - but, I would think locals would flock here.

(Note: 4/8 limit player) - with a higher percentage of local players, the play is a bit tighter. Still, able to profit on most sessions, and enjoy.

Somewhat blah. But, solid controllers. Example, did good job of mitigating out-of-turn play. Not story tellers - which is my preference.

Absolutely concur with the other reviews. Beers I've never heard of - on tap. Mixed drinks were well made. Waitresses were almost other-worldly.

I found the management to be quite good. In one case, the manager actually sat-in and set a zero rake to keep our game from breaking up.

Comps. immediately put onto players card which you can use (swipe) at the deli for a sandwich. My buddy hit a $200 jackpot for a straight flush.

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