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TheCaptain wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Hot now but may slow

It's brand new and popular. Wait until the property has been open for a few months. I don't expect a large drop-off (like at Eastside Cannery where they WAY overestimated poker interest and the economy and already have moved to a smaller room) because it's a quality property but I doubt you'll see a steady 2-5 game or consistent non-Hold Em games. The room is nice and purty, auto shufflers and comfortable and new felt and all that. It's not hands down the best thing in town or anything, but for a smaller off-Strip property I was pretty impressed. It's not cheap seeing or cobbled together, it's an actual room, they have a higher limit area, and everybody was professional.

Typical low-limit no-limit Hold Em. Old rocks, loose young guys drinkin', etc.

Solid, surprisingly, as dealers around down seem weaker than ever. They don't control the game and permit all sorts of rules infractions. It seems like M compiled a lot of dealers I knew from other rooms, especially Caesar's, which has been tanking lately,

A little slow but the poker room is right near a bar that serves lots of obscure microbrews so if you're a beer fan, selection can't be beat.

It was hectic on the weekend and floorpeople were doubling up as chip runners, greeters/seaters and, though the lists were managed well and everyone did their best, they seem like they're still getting their stuff together regarding larger organizational issues. Then again, volume will slow with time.

You have to fill out paperwork to get a card, it takes them forever to get the paperwork to you. Once you have a card you can swipe in at the table, which is nice.

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