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DapPoker wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Nice room. Weak but cliqueish players. Poorly handled table opening.

The room was very nice. I'd say the chairs were the only real weakness, they could be better, with height adjustment and or swiveling. Still, they were well padded and pretty comfortable. Chair pads were available for extra comfort.

I was at a new 4-8 limit game and saw some of the worst poker that I've ever seen live (I'd compare the play to 5 cent/10 cent limit online), extremely weak and passive with way too many unbelievable bluffs attempted for a limit game. One example, I saw someone call a raise with 2 hearts and 2 diamonds, then call a bet on a flop of J-10-8 (2 spades) call a turn bet when the A of spades hit and call a river bet when the Q of spades came up. The bettor had 9-9 and made his spade flush on the river.

Non-regulars might not feel welcomed at the table, since there are so many locals and the game can be fairly cliqueish.

Mechanically, the dealers were all very good, but many seemed to be overly concerned with the regulars and one was a bit cold with visitors (others were very good with this first-time guest). I understand the need to cater to regulars, but being consistently friendly with random guests wouldn't hurt.

The waitresses were fine. I heard, but did not see, that patrons can get their own soft drinks at various stations and apparently, several locals do this regularly to avoid tipping. I have to believe this slows down the service in the room for those not in the know about these self-serve options.

Overall, management was pretty good but gets a low mark because of a poorly handled opening for a new game. I arrived when a new $4-8 game was about to start. The floor moved players from the the other two existing $2-4 tables onto my table (where 4 players wanting to play the $4-8 game were sitting). This decision made sense and was the best choice since there were not enough limit players to have 4 tables in play. However, knowing that this change meant a lot of player would have to move, I'd have expected some communication from the floor. Instead, they basically started shifting players around seemingly at random. I figured out what was happening when I heard them tell the dealer this was going to be a $4-8 table, but the floor never bothered to explain it to the players. This meant a lot of confusion among the players at my table (both those that had to move to another $2-4 game and those that were staying for the $4-8). It also caused serious grumbling by a couple of the locals who didn't want to move, but also didn't want to play $4-8. A little communication on this issue and the rating would probably have been a 4.

No idea, didn't inquire.

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