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ASUlv8 wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Decent Action, Horrible Managment

Room quality was put together nicely. Bathrooms were close by and the tables were spaced out enough that you didn't have to bump into people as you walked around the room. They could of used another trash can or two in the room as i had to walk around to find one to throw some trash out. Nonetheless, the look of the room was nice. I wish the tables had cup holders like so many other rooms in the city.

Players were in the so-so category. Not too many sharks at the 4/8 game but not too many donkeys either. The right in the middle type of game.

Dealers were ok for the most part. I didn't see any errors that i could recall but a few of them like to babble that has nothing to do with the game and i look down on that. Usually all it does is slow the game up.

Cocktails were fast for the majority of the night i was there. I never had a problem getting a drink.

The shift manager was probably one of the worst I've ever seen. We were playing 6 handed and one of the players asked the dealer to see about a rake reduction. The dealer calls the floor over to which the floor does nothing about for the time being. I realized looking at the board that there was 5 people on the list for our game! We tell the dealer this and he tells the floor to which the floor says "There is no list" and walks away. I should of gotten up right then and there if that's the attitude of the management at the M.

Comps were average compared to most places. Nothing more, nothing less. Your usual high hands and dollar an hour comps.

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