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catsss wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Horrible tiny room

Tight room with 4 tables. Looks fairly new, but when you walk to your seat you are sure to bump someone's chairback trying to get there.

Played NL tournament (6pm). Lots of chasers, just wait for your nut hand and push it. 20 minute rounds help.

Worst dealers I've seen in awhile. One kept rolling the deck (holding the deck with the cut card showing and the top of the deck underneath). He also had a 3-way all-in and messed up when needing to set the pots up. Next dealer kept forgetting to get change to people when they put an oversized chip in for a call on a bet. Final dealer on the race-off of green $25 chips missed someones chips that were right in front of their chips. She called floor over and floor ruled that the chips were dead. Being as there was 3 chips there, I think she should of given that person another 100 chip and been done with it. When questioning the floor on it (who was annoyed that he was being bothered), he retorted that it is the players responsibility to be there for the racing of the chips to make sure their chips get taken. I have never seen this happen, and know that this is the 10 minute break that soem people need, so how can it be a break when they have to guard their chips???

One waitress that came into the room frequently.

See bottom section of dealers section...very unfriendly and unorganized.

If you signed up for their players card, you could have a chance to win a WPT folding tell me you got more than that.

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