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TheCaptain wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Small and unassuming, but nice

The room is new, the felt is new, nice accoutrements and atmosphere, just not much going on. Even on weeekends it looks like they get maybe one 3-6 limit game and one 1-2 No Limit game. You can swipe in right at the table and the casino seems to treat its local regulars well.

A lot of predictable play, grinding, overbetting, all the standard low-limit no limit tics. No very good to great players, some capable to good players. A lot of guys just sitting around, playing a few hands, drinking a bit but not getting wasted. Social and fun.

Auto-shufflers pick up the hands per hour. The dealers were nice enough, competent.

Actually one drop dead gorgeous modelesque girl working there the last time I was there. I mean, better than the girls at the Wynn. She's European, had an accent, but was absolutely stunning, quick with drinks, all-natural, and very sweet. The rest of the staff seems surprisingly good for a locals casino.

They seemed to want to be dutiful in attending to a list and making announcements over the casino loudspeaker. This can take a while, but I guess they're trying to be fair and allowing people to leave the room.

Buck an hour and so forth. Maybe doubletime during certain hours, didn't inquire.

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