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Philar wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Rebuy City Type of Tournament

I like the room and it's appearance, although it is a little tight in space at times. The tables have a lot of room between the felt and the rail which is strange.

I think there were a lot of veterans at this room, regulars may be a better way of describing them. I uncharacteristically got upset at a player across the table who was insulting me. I think my style ate into his small-ball game. But I also made friends at both tables. I didn't really see any weak players.

I can only remember the first dealer who was very enjoyable, and we didn't have him for very long.

Lots of action at 9 a.m. or was it 10 a.m. for the tournament and we kept the waitress busy.

The management seemed just fine, but here is where I always take a shot a tournament structure I don't like. There is a $10 add on, which I think was $2,000 chips after starting the $30 buyin with $1,000 chips. Nobody dies the first hour of this game because they just rebuy. If you have under 1,000 in chips you can add on. But I had around $2,500 in chips, and I could add on $1,000. Don't ask me how it worked, but I was almost chip leader at our table after tripling up with a flush, flopping a set, and doubling up on the guy to my left.

I ended up losing limping in to see a flop with an A-8 and hitting Aces and eights on the flop. I went all in, and a lady down the table drew a flush on the river to cripple me. I was down to $1,000, the size of the big bind with three hands till the big blind. Needless to say, my A-4 didn't hold up against two other hands. The tournament was fun overall, but had a crazy structure that would have me thinking twice about playing again.

I believe they have a separate comp system from the rest of the casino, but at least they have comps.

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