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revue13 wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Quaint Little Room, Nice Staff

The room is very small with five tables but it's an enjoyable place to play. Flat screen TVs hang on all walls and the tables are in good condition. The waiting list is usually short although it's ALWAYS NECCESARY TO CALL AHEAD to make sure they have the game you're looking for. For instance 1/2 NL games are pretty regular on weekends but they can't always get those together.

I've played at the Silverton over 10 times and there's usually some decent players at the table. Of course there are plenty of tourists, heavy drinkers, and easy money in-and-out of the game especially in the wee hours of the morning.

The Silverton dealers know how to run the games. Most are also good for a few laughs and stories. With so few games you can get to know the dealers quick after only a few visits.

There are a couple hot chicks that are regulars and the speed of service is generally good.

Just like the dealers the folks behind the counter keep things running smoothly. Of course with only a few tables in the room it's not too much to keep track of.

I have no idea.

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