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FISHFINDER44 wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Poor Management/Fun Room

The room is better now that they have removed one of the tables. It is a lot less crowded. The room is nice and has good tv coverage for all. A little bit cold if you sit in the wrong area.

You always get a good mix here. It is far enough off the strip you do attract some local play, but still get the tourists on the weekends.

No one really bad here. I prefer James the most. Good personality, good game movement, and overall nice guy that will play if he gets the chance after a shift.

Good timing on keeping your drink glass full. They do serve free Red Bull for those who so choose. Everything else just about average.

They do have a computerized computer list. I just don't know if they all know how to read it. I was first on list and waited over two hours so that a couple of their buddies could get in. They just decided to skip over who ever they wanted to help out their friends.

It is the Vegas standard of $1 per hour. I do not know if there is a daily max?

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