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mrfunky8 wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Nice Place

Nicer place, big TVs, nice chairs

A little crammped in the corners.

A player identified my style, told everone at the table how I was playing, and would correctly read my hands out loud even when not in the hand. Would have been very annoying, but everyone (including the aformentioned player) called anyways. Made over $80 per hour at the 2-4 game with about average luck.

Nice people.

Staff very attractive. Maybe too attractive as one patron could not shut up about one of the wait staff. They did comp me red bull. Above average speed, but I went on a wednesday night.

Excellent managers. Able to deal with issues effectivly and correctly.

1$ per hour food comp, entries to nightly drawing handed out, must be present to win so you get good chances to win, comped red bull

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