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onajojo wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Too bad it is 30 miles away!

The layout of the room was very nice. The location was great, right next to the parking ramp (which I didn't know existed and parked on the other side of the resort. The room was great, and I loved the no racetrack tables. The tables were spaced very well, and I had no problems getting around the room. The also have nice, large tables to put drinks on, which I prefer over cup holders on the game or in-rail cup holders. There is also the seperate section for the "high limit" games (2/5nl) which was nice. The restrooms were very close by, but the one-way door to the restroom was a pain in the @#$% when returning to the room.

I played 1/2 NL and 4/8 and the competition was standard for a local casino. Some idiots, some solid players, no great players.

I expected more from the dealers. Given that so many great dealers around town who were recently laid off applied, I thought the dealers would be great. However, none of the dealers were great. Nobody dealt a very fast game, some dealt very slow games, and nobody had great mechanics. However, they were all very nice and personable.

Hands down, the best cocktails in town. All of the servers are VERY talented. Think Wynn servers, 5 years older, with great plastic surgeons. Beyond that, they were always quick and friendly. Now, I don't drink alcohol when I play poker. However, any place that has a beer list two pages long is amazing. The taps wrapped around the adjacent bar. I've never seen that kind of selection before besides a few special bars that pride themselves on their beer selection. If I could be served by beautiful women all night, drink high quality, specialty beers, and still not get drunk and play good poker, I would be in heaven. However, the whole uber-drunk poker playing does not work for me, so I'll have to enjoy their amazing beer selection some other time.

They were friendly, but they need a better way to get player's cards made. That was messy. I asked for a table change, and they forgot about me, but I forgive them because I cleaned up on the game after I asked for the change.

While it is the standard $1 an hour and it does blow that it takes up to 48 hours to go on your card, the fact that it is easy to use at all of the great restaurants warrants the 4 rating.

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